Zach Bland- USCDM

This picture is one of my favorites from USC Dance Marathon. I wanted to talk about it this week because of the composition and meaning of the photo. This picture was taken by Zach Bland during what we call “circle of hope” at the end of our event. During this all the heroes who participated … More Zach Bland- USCDM


The most recent project I completed for my infographics class was to develop a race map for a Half Marathon. We were given the assigned race and a copy of the old map that had been used previously and we were told to redesign the map while also keeping consistent branding of the race. This … More Maps

Sports Photography

Recently I was given a challenge and an assignment to shoot sports photography, and I decided to take on a new task and photograph baseball which is something i had never done before. Below are some of my best pictures that resulted from the game and overall I am very pleased with how they turned out. … More Sports Photography

Carolina Tonight

Photos from Carolina Tonight on February 18th performed at Benson Theatre. Carolina Tonight is a television show modeled off of Saturday Night Live and performed and produced by SGTV students at the University of South Carolina.   On Saturday February 18th Carolina Tonight, which is produced by members of SGTV at the University of South … More Carolina Tonight

On the run

At first I hated infographics. I hated having to include all this information and make it easy to read and understand. All I knew was that I just wanted to make something that looked cool. So, when were given our second assignment for my infographics class and it didn’t have to include a lot of … More On the run